When a school shooting strikes the news, are we likely to attribute violent video games when the shooter is white? Politicians, the press and even scholars frequently do.

There is very little evidence demonstrating a connection between violent video games and school shootings, however, video games are usually blamed for general violence within our communities. A recent analysis published in the Psychology of Popular Media Culture set out to discover when we search for an external excuse for violence from whites more frequently than we do to African Americans.

The researchers conducted a brand new study. The initial study gave individuals a mock news story of a college shooting. When asked what led to the shooting, individuals were likely to attribute video games when the shot was white than if the shot was black. The second study looked at tens of thousands of news posts — video games have been cited more frequently in reports of white shooters. Video games have been discussed more frequently when the shooting occurred in colleges than in other configurations.

This analysis definitely brings up a bigger conversation on race.

“When you see people on tv speaking about video games and offense, it might say far more about other matters and the way we think about crime, compared to about video games” He also added,”We may want to search for motives for white folks due to racial stereotyping.”

The research’s concept: Racial bias probably exists due to an assumed association between minorities and violent offenses, an assumption which is not there with whites. The research states,”when this act of violence is performed with a racial minority, people may not feel pressured to seek out an outside excuse since the race of the perpetrator matches their stereotype of what type of violent criminal resembles ” The prejudice, they think, is very likely to have significant impacts, particularly when assigning responsibility and blame to offenders of distinct races. So, since it’s determine that video games and shootings do not associate with each other, kids should continue on and play games. Download on F95Zone Games and play as a kid. These games are not to be connected with school shootings.

Additional study is necessary to determine specifically why this connection exists and continues.