Before the vote on the amendments to the Constitution, heated debates in workers’ chats gained momentum. Political issues, religious holidays and sexist jokes become a source of contention in many teams.

On sensitive topics in a team, you need to be able to speak delicately, and some should be avoided altogether. For many of your team members, especially young employees with little experience, work is an essential part of life. Therefore, in the office or team chat, it is possible and necessary to discuss not only business issues.

Each employee is multifaceted, and his professional subpersonality is only one of many. But when colleagues meet in the field of musical or food tastes, conflict can arise. Some employees even risk becoming outcasts.


Often controversial topics arise when an employee is heavily influenced by the media. Many people are so impressed by television programs that they broadcast the theses they hear there to their colleagues. And in real life, you can encounter people who have experienced these events and know that not everything is clear.

As a result, for some of your colleagues, the topic of the conflict is a virtual picture from the Internet , and for others – real bombs that fell near the house.

Most toxic topic

One often gets the impression that everything is possible in offices: no one will condemn for vulgar jokes, no one will be offended by a religious attack or certain political views. But a topic that should never be discussed under any circumstances is money and who earns how much. This is the most toxic topic for any collective, much more intimate than sex, religion or politics.

When discussing each other’s salaries, employees can come to something like this: the one who earns more than me is more professional. If not, why am I getting less? Means, I am worse. But why then are we making the same effort? Then what’s the point of trying harder?

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Form an agenda

There are global topics (elections, referendums, pandemic, quarantine) that affect the life of every employees of companies, even if he is not interested in them. Therefore, in internal chats they regularly write posts about what concerns each in order to fill the information field and show the risks.

Encourage informal communication

During the probationary period for new employees, some companies conduct an unofficial test. If a person does not stay with on Friday for pizza and beer, then he will definitely not stay in the company. Experience has confirmed this rule several times. Parties help everyone to keep abreast of the life of each team member and bring them closer together, making team work, and creating healthy bonds.