UK Beauty Industry’s Need for Mandatory Regulations to Raise Level of Customer Confidence

In 2019, the British Association of Beauty Therapy & Cosmetology (Babtac) learned that regular salon clients want the beauty industry placed under regulation. Of the 2000 salon clients who responded to Babtac’s questionnaires, 82% of regular salon clients in the UK believe it should be mandatory for beauty therapists to have trained and to show proof that they are qualified to perform work in the industry. Of those 82%, 1,717 opined that therapists who perform treatments must be required by law to possess a license.

The results of the survey demonstrated that regular salon customers are not well informed about the industry’s lack of regulation. Only 38% know there is no rule in place, requiring therapists to have specific training or to have proof of accreditations for their qualifications.

Survey Findings Undescored the Beauty Industry’s Need for Mandatory Regulations

As it is, the beauty business is among the personal care industries not subject to UK laws and regulations. That being the case, several issues about safety concerns have been raised, including high incidences of human trafficking across the beauty industry. Such occurrences have been scrutinized by people outside the industry due to lack of professionalism.

Nevertheless, Lesley Blair, the chairperson of Babtac said they have been seeing increasing support in their calls for professionalism by way of regulations. The survey was the first time client support has been quantified. 5he 82% underscored the general public’s extensive demand for regulation of the beauty industry. Ms. Blair added that higher training and better standards will have positive outcomes, especially in terms of customer peace of mind.

Making Continuing Professional Development Mandatory

Currently, CPD accreditation is not mandatory but salon customers and industry professionals believe it should be. Training certifications distinguish freelance beauty therapists or beauty salons from their competitors. While attending industry events and beauty product manufacturers’ training programs are good ways to improve your skills as professional beauty therapists, the better approach is to attend a beauty academy that issues training certification.

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