Common Reasons A Car Overheats

We’ve all seen it-a driver stuck by the side of the road, at a loss as his car stalls and smokes. You may have been there yourself too. 

Low engine coolant

The most likely cause of vehicle overheating is related to the liquid coolant. The engine can overheat when your coolant is running low. If this happens, the engine can be destroyed.

There is a leak in the cooling system

There are some signs that a coolant leak is occurring. You may see or smell the coolant underneath the vehicle if the expansion tank is lower than it should be. Coolant leaks can occur if a radiator cap leaks or an internal or external leak. If the coolant level is not kept constant, but there are no visible signs, it may be due to an internal leak. Just looking under the car reveals an external leak. This can occur with water pumps, engine freeze plugs, and heater cores.

The thermostat is not working properly

Thermostats prevent engine wear, drainage, and buildup. The car’s radiator blocks the coolant until the engine warms to operating temperature. This usually happens at about 200 degrees Fahrenheit. 

What to do When a Car Overheats

To cool off your engine, flip up the warmth! However, it appears counterintuitive to assist switch warmth from the engine bay. 

Pullover to a certain vicinity as quickly as viable and flip the auto-off. This is a wonderful time to name your chosen roadside help provider, as you’re likely to want a coolant pinnacle-off or a towing service San Jose. 

After the auto has been off for at least 15 minutes, you could open your vehicle’s hood and test the coolant degree. Opening the hood earlier than the auto has cooled should bring accidents on rainy days from spewing steam or smoke. 

You can begin using it once more if the coolant degree seems regular and the engine lowers back to its average running temperature. 

If the coolant degree is low or the auto won’t begin, you’ll want to pinnacle off your coolant earlier than you could start using once more and have the car towed to the restore shop.